BNP wants clean slate

Decents to form new committees for the front, associative bodies in advance of the'movement'

In principle, the BNP decided to disband all its fronts and associated bodies and create new ones with fresh blood. This was in keeping with the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

According to party insiders, the party is reorganizing its different tiers in order to wage movement for an election-time, neutral government and neutral Election Commission in preparation for the 2023 national elections.

After a series recent meetings at Gulshan, the office of the party chairperson, the decision was taken.

The primary decision states that the committees of the front as well as the associated bodies will be disbanded by December and that the new committees would be formed in stages.

High-ranking BNP officials believe this will increase enthusiasm and reduce internal conflicts.

One of these meetings saw the top leaders express anger at the counter-allegations and allegations made by leaders of different committees.

"All of you are talking about movement. It is about strengthening organisations. These are the people who will do them. "You should do these," said a top leader in one of the closed-door meetings. He addressed leaders of front and associated bodies.

The BNP plans to launch a movement for an election-time, non-partisan government as well as a neutral EC. According to party sources, the BNP wants to finish the process of reorganizing the party's front, associate bodies and government before launching the movement.

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Senior Joint Secretary of BNP, stated that they are "preparing ourselves for the movement" and that the front and associated bodies would play a key part in it.

Already, the party has disbanded Jatiyatabadi Sangskritik Sangstha and Krishak Dal committees (Jasas). On September 18, the tenure of Chhatra Da ended.

Years ago, the tenure of the committees of Mahila Dal Swechchhasebak Dal Juba Dal Swechchhasebak Dal Swechchhasebak Dal Swechchhasebak Dal Sramik Dal Tanti Dal Matsyajibi Dal Muktijoddha Dal, Olama Dal and Sramik Dal ended.

According to party sources, the negative political climate and Covid-19 pandemic along with intra-party conflict slowed down organisational activities.

Rizvi stated that the party's reorganization is progressing. Already, a partial Krishak Dal committee has been established. Afterwards, new committees will be created for the front and associated bodies that have expired.

He stated that the party was looking at the performance of leaders of front and associated bodies in order to provide new leadership in these committees.

Top leaders warned leaders of the party's front as well as associate organizations that they could lose their positions if they don't take to the streets in the coming anti-government movement.

According to party sources, the Mahila Dal partial committee was established in 2016. However, it has not been able to form the full committee in the past five years.

2017 saw the formation of the Jubo Dal partial committee. However, the full Jubo Dal committee announcement is still to be made.

In 2016, Swechchhasebak Dal's central committee was established. In 2016, the tenure of this committee ended, but no new committee was created. In 2019, the Chhatra Dal central Committee was elected and its tenure ended.


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